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! The tender documents for the year 2025 now include open science requirements ! 

More information about open science in Czech Science Foundation projects can be found in the handbook Open Science at GA ČR (Czech only). 

Open Access

The Czech Science Foundation does not mandateopen access to project results; however,it is consideredadvisable to publish the results in the open access form if the practice inthe given field, the character of the results, and the terms and conditions for the Project so permit. The publication results canbe transferred to open digital archives (repositories)pursuant to the termsand conditions of the publisher’s licence (green open access). Charles University authors may use the Research Publications Repository for that purpose. 

The costs of publishing the results in the form of Open Access (article processing charges, APC) are considered eligible costs regardless of whether the journal is pure open access or hybrid. 

Research data

Project proposals for projects starting in 2023 must now includea brief description of the research data to be generated, used, and stored in the course of the Project, and how these data will be handled. Furthermore, the proposal needs to includeinformation on the availability and dissemination of the research results and research data, in accordance withthe principle that research results and research data are not made public only where justified. 

The Beneficiaries are obliged to submit a data management plan (DMP) no later than the date of delivery of the first Interim Report, and to update the DMP periodically as needed. The Beneficiaries need to submit the DMP regularly as part of the Interim and Final Reports. The research data management plan shall include, as a minimum, information on: 

  • what kind of research data will be generated, processed or collected within the project 

  • what methods and principles of data management will be used 

  • whether and how the data will be shared, published and/or disclosed, and, where appropriate, an explanation of why the research data cannot be disseminated or disclosed 

  • how the data will be stored during the project and preserved after the project 

Czech Science Foundation recommends establishing a position of an expert in data management (data steward) within the project who will monitor and coordinate the process of research data creation and management. The costs of this position are eligible. 

The costs of managing the research data and of the creation of the Data Management Plan (DMP) are eligible.

PLEASE NOTE! The first version of the data management plan must be submitted along with the first interim report. An updated plan must be submitted as part of further interim and final reports.


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