How to Publish OA?

If an author wants to publish his/her work openly, there are two basic routes: 

Both of these open access models are complementary, so it is not necessary to choose only one of the two, on the contrary, it is advantageous to combine them. 

What are the benefits of open access publishing?

Green open access

Gold open access

  • better findability / higher visibility of work → downloads, citations 

  • at no cost to the author 

  • long-term preservation of the publication activity is ensured 

  • possibility to immediately publish a preprint → speeding up communication 

  • versioning + publishing associated data and other materials 

  • possibility of monitoring alternative metrics and statistics 

  • better findability / higher visibility of work → downloads, citations 

  • users have access to the final peer reviewed version of the publication 

  • access is provided by the publisher, not the author 

  • authors (usually) retain copyright 

Generally, open access offers

  • increasing visibility and accessibility of science and research results → which can lead to an increase in citation, influence and prestige 

  • accelerating communication of the latest results and facilitating feedback both within and outside the community 

  • increasing transparency in scientific communication 

  • effective use of scientific results, work and resources (possible decrease in duplication) 

  • the ability to directly influence what happens to a publication 

  • a tool to fight plagiarism. 

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