Currently, Charles University does not have a mandatory open access or open science policy; however, the Code of Ethics of Charles University says that academics, researchers, and students 

[i]n their scientific and creative work they take account of the latest developments in their field, and they ensure that the methods applied are reasonable, accurate, objective, and not distorted. They exercise due care when handling data or examining materials, they provide an accurate description thereof, and use standard methods of protection and archiving. They ensure that the procedures and results of scientific and creative work may be reviewed. They comply with the specific rules of professional ethics in a given field. (Part III.4) 


[t]hey do not publish their work unethically, for example via dubious publication platforms. They do not misappropriate someone else’s work, they do not plagiarise. (Part III.7)

In June 2013, the Academic Senate of Charles University adopted the Concept of Editorial Policy of Charles University (Czech only), which includes, among other things, goals related to the gradual opening of creative activities at Charles University. Following up on this document, Charles University signed the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities in October 2013, publicly committing to supporting the idea of open access. 

On 15 December 2017, the Academic Senate of CU adopted the Joint Declaration of the Academic Senate of CU and the University Management on Open Access Policy at CU (Czech only). 

Furthermore, in 2018, the Karolinum Press published its Open Access Editorial Policy, and currently publishes all journals as open journals and offers the opportunity to publish book chapters and scientific monographs in open access, too.

National Policies

The development of institutional policies is, to a large extent, influenced by research funders’ policies and by national strategies, in particular, the Czech Republic National Strategy of Open Access to Scientific Information for 2017-2020 and the Action Plan for its implementation (Czech only, see summary in English).

International Policies

At the level of individual research projects, in which Charles University participates, the policies adopted by the European Commission (e.g., H2020 or ERC projects) and other foreign funders who require or recommend open access to scientific publications and research data have a great impact on raising awareness of open access / open science.

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