Horizon 2020

Under the Horizon 2020, each beneficiary must ensure open access to all peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to its results. The European Commission has also launched a flexible pilot under Horizon 2020 called the Open Research Data Pilot (ORD pilot), applicable to all beneficiaries as of 2017. The ORD Pilot requires to develop a data management plan and to enable open access to and reuse of research data

You can find more information about the open access and research data management requirements in the Horizon 2020 Online Manual on the European Commission website. 

You can contact the Open Science Support Centre if you need help with the open access and data management requirements. For questions unrelated to open science, you may refer to the European Centre of Charles University. 


The European Commission is now offering H2020/HEurope grantees the opportunity to publish research results in open access on the Open Research Europe (ORE) publishing platform free of charge.

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