Open Access Week

Open Access Week (OAW) is an international promotional event that aims to raise the profile of the idea of open access across the academic community. Charles University has been joining OAW since 2015.

Open Access Week 2020

The 13th season of the Open Access Week will take place on 19-25. October 2020. Do you want to get involved in the preparations or do you have a tip / wish for what should take place at CU? Contact us!

What can you look forward to?




22. 10. 2020


Open Access in a Nutshell

webinar, in English


Why do we promote open access?

Open access brings scientific publication to its original purpose: the dissemination of knowledge. Price should not be an obstacle to anyone gaining access to the latest knowledge in science and research. An open approach - the availability of information and the possibility of searching in scientific articles has a positive impact on everything - from education itself, through professional practice to the ability to innovate and develop ourselves and the world around us.

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