OA fees monitoring

Data on payments for open access fees have been collected at Charles University since 2019. The impuls to start with the monitoring was the call of the Research, Development and Innovation Council for data on these types of payments (the call was related to the application of the Action Plan for the implementation of the Czech Republic National Strategy of Open Access to Scientific Information for 2017-2020).

At present, the identification of relevant payments and the completion of bibliographic data is performed at individual faculties and departments by authorized persons (usually open access faculty coordinators in cooperation with employees of economic departments). The Open Science Support Centre manages and develops the OA fee monitoring agenda, provides support to faculty coordinators in verifying payments, and then delivers faculty data aggregation, controls, analysis for university management, and reporting to CzechELib and OpenAPC.

CU data in OpenAPC

All data regarding OA fees paid by CU authors are available in the OpenAPC database.

Workflow of the OA fees monitoring and accompanying methodological materials are continuously updated and developed within the main objectives of the project Strategic development of science and research capacities and strengthening of the international competitiveness of Charles University.

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