prof. Lucie Doležalová, Ph.D.

Institute of Greek and Latin Studies

Faculty of Arts  

ORCID: 0000-0003-2722-3370

What led you to open science, and how did your relationship with open science develop?

My relationship to open science has always been positive. Initially, I was delighted to be able to use open sources. Now, it is also a pleasure to contribute to creating them.  

What do you get out of open science on a daily basis?

I use open sources every day and am very pleased that this is possible. Although I always prefer working with a real medieval manuscript rather than studying digital images on a computer, my work would be considerably slower without digitization. I also try to lead students to open science, and we create open resources together through various projects, for example, or With Ondřej Tichý (Department of English Language and ELT Methodology), we organize international workshops where students learn the basics of editing medieval texts and in particular what is all possible in a digital environment.  

Why is openness in science important to you (what are the benefits)?

My field is somewhat specific in this respect: Medieval Latin and manuscripts are not of much interest to people, so there is little danger of stealing data or ideas. In fact, my colleagues and I always appreciate any interest at all. And it is open science that contributes to raising awareness of “our” thing. But in general, in addition to everything my colleagues have already mentioned here, I would like to point out the aspect of community building: dialogue is much easier with shared data. It leads to mutual enrichment, inspiration, and new ideas.  

What would you recommend to colleagues who want to use open science principles for their work?

Do not be scared.  

In your opinion, what obstacles must one overcome so that open science can become common practice?

There are various technical difficulties as well as human concerns. But I think the obstacles are slowly disappearing on their own. Science will most likely just not work any other way ...  

What does open science mean to you in one sentence?

Open science means an opportunity for dialogue, inspiration and collaboration. 

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