doc. Mgr. Jan Chromý, Ph.D.

Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication

Faculty of Arts

ORCID: 0000-0001-6646-8026


Twitter: @JanChrom1

What led you to open science, and how did your relationship with open science develop?

Considering that I focus on psycholinguistics, I have encountered the issue of the replication crisis in psychology and open science as a way to overcome this crisis. In addition, I began to realize how horrible it is that so much data is lost over time or simply not available – due to the verifiability of previous conclusions and because that data could be useful for other purposes.

What do you get out of open science on a daily basis?

As for my own research, I primarily publish collected data and various other materials.

Why is openness in science important to you (what are the benefits)?

The traceability of published results, opportunities for meta-analyses, the acceleration of scientific progress...

What would you recommend to colleagues who want to use open science principles for their work?

I think it can be difficult to convince someone, but if they are willing, it’s pretty easy these days (it just takes some extra time). :)

In your opinion, what obstacles must one overcome so that open science can become common practice?

Mainly, the well-known notion of some people who think that the data they collect while working in an academic institution are their private property.

What does open science mean to you in one sentence?

Open science is a way to move scientific knowledge forward at a faster pace.

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